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Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Want to go dig for your own diamond? Well you leagally can in Arkansas at Crater of Diamonds. This 37 acre eroded surface of a volcanic crater is the place to dig!

Since 1972, more than 33,000 diamonds have been found here.

Buy your tickets online ahead of time to enusre you get in. Once there, they will scan your ticket in the gift shop. There are bathrooms located in here. We were not sure we would have time to stop, so we were unprepared. I bought hats and cold drinks for us in the gifts shop and knew ahead we could rent the tools.

You then go out the backdoor to the area, but first you can stop and rent your equipment. We did the $45 Deposit Basic Diamond Hunting Kit,which had a bucket, 2 shifters and 1 shovel. You pay $90 and then when you return it they refund you the other $45, so save your receipt. This place rents items pretty cheap if you want to stop before hand.

Many people had wagons and tents, but we were just staying an hour, so didnt need them.

We went in June and it was very hot out on the field so be ready for that. Have cool drinks handy!!

You can take home 5 gallons of sifted gravel, so if you want to do this, bring your own 5 gallon bucket per person per day.

There are plenty of places to camp near here.

We went in. June and did not last long here as it was 97 degrees the day we went and you are in direct sunlight the whole time, but glad we went and had fun!

There is an area to wash your "dirt." If you think you found something, there is someone there who will verify it for you.

Be sure to watch some videos ahead as a diamond doesn't look like what we think a diamond looks like.

Their wesbite said they plow once a month, but no set schedule and many think it is better to go right after they plow or after rain.

Things to bring:



cooler with cold drinks



something to sit on like a cushion



5 Gallon bucket



something to put what you want to keep in

neck fan or squirt bottle ( it is hot!)

bug spray

plastic spoon to sift through dirt

Sign up for their news and alerts here.

Place to eat in the area:

Other places in the area:

Putt Putt next to Queen of Diamonds Inn

Water Park (it is located just outside the digging area. It is open Memoral Day to Labor Day)

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