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Memphis, Tennessee

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

We stayed at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis Tennessee. This historic hotel did not disappoint. From their website "known as the “South’s Grand Hotel,” The Peabody is legendary for its charm, elegance, gracious hospitality and rich history. This Memphis icon, opened in 1869, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is world-famous for its five resident ducks, who march daily through the lobby at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m."

The loby has a fountain where from 11:30-5 each day you will see ducks in there. At 11:3- am they have a march of the ducks from their penthouse on the roof. At 5pm they march them back to the penthouse for the night. They have a Duckmaster who helps. It can be someone randomly chosen, someone famous or you can do like we did and pay for the duck package. You get a cookie, reserved table, a duck cane, Tshirt, toy duck, and a certificate. My son loved doing this. We kept it a surprise from him and he had no clue he was doing it.

We arrived after 5:00 and there were no reservations left at the resteraunt so we ended up ordering room service. The food was fabulous!!

They do have a spa but we did not have time for it.

There is a little coffe shop in the loby across from the restaurant.

They have a few stores in the lobby.

The next day we got up had breakfast at the hotel and then drove to where MLK was shot, the Loraine Motel . We toured this museum. We had tickets ahead of time. There is plenty of parking here. There are a few places near here to eat. You walk around on your own and you can go upstairs to see behind glass his room. This place is a lot bigger then it looks so wear walkign shoes. You can also go across the street where James Earl Ray was when he shot MLK.

We then went to Graceland, I mean we are in Memphis baby!

We chose the basic ticket as the one to the mansion was pricy and had a longer line. You have to take a shuttle to the mansion and my son had no clue who Elvis really was, so we chose a cheaper level ticket.

We did the museums and saw all the cars. They have a cute diner where you can even sit in a convertable to eat. It is kinda like a cafe and you go around and pick what you want to eat.

There are gift shops in each little museum. We loved the car one the best.

There are all levels of tickets you can buy, so choose the one that best fits your family.

There is a bar in the lobby and they have adorable drinks with little rubber ducks in them! This is the kid drink.

We then went back to the Peabody to rest and get ready for my son to be the duck master. Everyone lines up around the red carpet.

If someone in your group is the Duckmaster, you want one person on the roof to get that video and one in the lobby. The Duckmaster will be the only one in the elevator with the Duckmaster and the ducks! This was my sons favorite part!

You can go on the roof to see where the ducks live. It is in back of the big building. I think they do events at sunset up here too.

Above the lobby is like a balcony level. There you will find a room with all the history of the hotel.

We had dinner after in the main restaurant, we had made a reservation for this night.

The next day we had breakfast and checked out to head back home with a stop at Elvis birthhome on the way.

Places to Eat:

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