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Dallas, Texas

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

We arrived from Fort Worth to our hotel, the Ritz Carlton Dallas, the only Ritz Carlton in Texas. They did not do anything for kids at check in, which was a disappointment, but that was the only disappointment. We loved this hotel! It was clean, service was amazing and the rooms were nice and big!

They do a fresh guacamole presentation with a signature margarita in the lobby at 6:00 every night.

They took our luggage upstairs and valeted our car.

We ate breakfast the first day there and it was fabulous, they caterted to what we wanted and had amazign service.

We then went to the sixth Floor Musuem, the place where JFK was shot. It opens at 10 am and you need tickets ahead of time. We got there early to look at the grassy knolls area. Note they will not let you in before 10 even if you have to use the bathroom! When we went for covid safety they sent one family at a time up in the elevator and we had to wear masks the whole visit. You go up to the Sixth Floor and look around, they have pictrues from that day adn theyhave glassed off when the shooting occured. After this floor you can go to floor 7 (they have bathrooms here and in the lobby) and watch newds videos of that day adn stand in the spot where they shot him, just a floor up but neat to look out the window to see from that point of view as on the Sxith floor you can not get near that window.

After here we drove to South Fork (3700 Hooge Drove, 75002

Parker Texas open 10-4), where they filmed the show Dallas. I had never seen it til this year. Cue the Dallas theme song here! Did you know you can pay and spend the night in the house? See pic for info.

We went into the gift shop here and looked around. We did not have time for a tour that day but got to see the house from a a far and drove by the main gate area. Tours are every hour and last about an hour.

From here we drove to Frisco, Texas to the National Video Game Museum. It has all the old video games like atari and you get coins to play video games with your admission. There is a train museum and Sci Tech Discoery Museum in the same buidling. All are small areas. You can get a ticket for all or just which ones you want to go to. There are bathrooms and vending machines here and 2 tables to sit at to eat.

If your kids love Dude Perfect we figured out after this trip we were 2 miles from their headquarters and would have driven by if we knew it then.

Kidzania is also in this area.

They have toll roads to get back to Dallas. You can get a fee sent to you, so we learned about this on the way back as it saved 30 mins. You just hop in the lane and they will send you a bill for how ever far your drove. Ours was like $6.

From there we went back to the Ritz, swam in the pool and then had dinner at the resteraunt. Again, amazing food and service!

This was the best pecan pie desert ever!!

We got up the next day, had breakfast downstairs and began our drive to our next city of Memphis Tennessee with a quick stop in Arkansas at the Crate of Diamonds to dig for diamonds!

Other fun places in the area we did not have time for:

Perot Museum (This was a few blocks from our hotel)

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