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Bandera, Texas ( Cowboy Capital of the World)

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Bandera’s title, “Cowboy Capital of the World” originated when it became a staging area for the last great cattle drives of the late 1800’s. Confirming Bandera as the “Cowboy Capital of the World”, a bronze monument honoring the many National Rodeo Champions who call Bandera home, stands on the Courthouse lawn. From the website

When we arrived into town we ran into a gas station/convience store to get some gas and snacks. It was new and clean.

We then drove around and found the visitor center and ran in there. It is small and has a few pamphlets and someone there to help you if you have questions.

We next ran into the Cowboy Store to get my son a pair of real cowboy boots. They were so helpful there. If you get some boots, make sure to get the socks to go with them. In Fort Worth we ended up getting the bag to keep the boots in.

After that we went a few doors down to the general store. They have ice cream in there and we got a few souvenirs.

After this we went to the Pioneer Museum. They had a child scavenger hunt where my son got a tiny toy at the end.

Other places in the area:

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Places to eat:

This is a list of them

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