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Giraffe Ranch (Dade City, Florida)

Located about 45 mins from North Tampa is the Giraffe Ranch. We did the $90 a person safari Tour.(This was the price last time we went, it may be higher now) You get in a high jeep like car and they will take you on about an hour ride through their property. You can feed the giraffes and you see many other animals like rhinos, camels, ostriches and more. They have many add on packages to feed the other animals but we only added the $20 feed the lemurs for my son as it was already very pricey.

The safari does have a cover from the sun. Make sure to us their restrooms before you begin. I also suggest bring water to drink as it is hot and wet wipes to wipe the giraffe slobber off you after you feed them.

The camel rides are before the tour and I think $5 a person. They use the money to help take care of these animals. They also have a gift shop inside.

My mom uses a cane to walk, while the jeep was hard to get into, she did it. I do not think they have a wheel chair accessible way though.

You do get the feel you are on a safari ride and you get up close and personal with the animals.

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