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Clearwater Beach, Florida

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

This is a great area to come and visit. They have a few shops adn places to eat right across from the beach. We have rented a condo a few years in a row across from the beach and loved it!

Clearwater beach has inviting waters with white sand. Located near Tampa. You must go over a bridge to get there and on heavy traffic days can take some time. There are hotels and places to rent across from the beach. There is a parking lot, but it fills up fast so get there early if you want to park. They have a few places to buy sand toys, McDonald's is across the street as are many restaurants. They do have public bathrooms. Check out the Surf Style shop across from the beach, you can surf inside there. They have all the beach typical items and you can buy hermit crabs there.

There are cruises that take off from across the street from the beach. We did the Pirate cruise and loved it.

They do have covered chairs you can rent on the beach in a half circle looking tent. They walk around and you pay when they come via cash or charge card. The chairs can be taken out of the tent so you can get sun if you want. This is great to cover kids and still let them play in the sun.

They have these you can rent on the beach.

We loved it here. WE got ticket last minute so many experiences were booked up but we still had a great time. Check out the movie Dolphin Tales (Amazon Affiliate) as it is from here.

Captain Memos Pirate Cruise

This is something everyone in my family gave 5 stars to, which is very rare. We did a 1 hour pirate cruise. Order tickets ahead of time.

We did the one hour cruise. They go out and during the first half hour the parents get to be free and drink for free while they entertain your kids with stories, gold hunt, water gun fights, face painting and more. You can sit with your little ones for this, but they did a great job helping the parents leave so you can enjoy your time.

You get to sit outside and watch the view while for most of it there are inside the ship. Then they come out and attack us with water and pop guns,they get a piece of gold, a certificate, and then can get their face painted if they want.

They do have a gift shop and restrooms on board. The second half of the ride your children are with you.

We all loved this!!! Make sure to bring a hat or sun screen as you are in the sun the whole time!

Places to eat:

Jimmys Fish House Try to go at sun set! Jimmy’s Fish House great place to eat outside and watch the sun set. They have indoor seating too. They have live music and you can dance if you want. They do a countdown till the sun goes down and I think they had special shots to buy at sunset.

The Palm Pavillion Beachside Grill and Bar-It is locate right on the beach. They have indoor and beach front seating. There are great sports TV's here to and live music. There is a parking lot with pay machine right here.

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