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All you need to know, before you go see Van Gogh!

Updated: May 23, 2021

We attended the Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience opening weekend in Atlanta. It is located in the Pullman Yards.


I you use this link you will get an $8 Voucher on the Fever app that is selling the ticket or you can purchase tickets here. Get them soon as there are many sold out dates!

There is a VIP ticket you can purchase that gets you ahead of the line, a free poster at the end (you just grab one and show them the VIP tag) and already includes your virtual glasses.

You do need to download the Fever app and your tickets will be in your account if you use the same email from when you purchased them. You just show it at the door. You can also transfer the tickets in the app too.

There are two shows circling the US and this is one of them and we loved it!


Before you go you can reserve a parking spot for $23. It is $5 an hour to park there. If you have a later time in the day or someone who has trouble walking, I recommend it because it it close to the door. It is also where you park for handicap parking. I would suggest downloading the parkmobile app ahead of time too to make parking quick. This parking lot is on the left of the building and also where Uber and Lyft meet you. The regular parking is just a little further away but it has rocks and old train tracks you walk over so for those with walking problems use the other lot where you have to have reserved parking or handicap tag.

The other parking lot you will pass the building and then park.


There is a wheelchair accessible one and then there is like a trailer that has a few stalls for each in it. It is located outside.

Line to get in

We had 9 am tickets so we waited a little bit outside but it was nice and cool. If there was a line, you would be out in the sun so maybe bring water for that time. You can not eat or drink inside.


Masks are required for you to enter inside.


Once you enter there are 6 sections you will go through. There were a few places to sit in all ares for those who need it.

Room 1 tells you about Van Gogh

Room 2 has the bedroom he lived in painting.

Room 3 is the best room where you watch the paintings all around you. There are chairs, benches, a pyramid like couch, or you can sit on the floor. I think the full show is about 30 mins.

Room 4 You can color art and then take it to a machine and it will put it up on the screen!

Room 5 You can purchase for $5 each or is included in your VIP ticket . The VR experience to give you a sense if living in his time and makes his paintings come to life. It is fun for all ages! They give you a mask to wear to keep it sanitary. Make sure you spin all around in the chair when you watch. The volume is under the right eye mask and there is a circle in the back to loosen or tighten it the glasses.

Room 6 The gift shop. VIP people grab a poster and show them their VIP tag to get it free.

We took our time and watched it all and took us about 1 hour 15 min, but we were the first group in for the day.

Where to Eat

They have rail cars outside that serve food. They were not open yet when we went.

Virginia Highland Area

It was a nice day so we drove to Park Tavern to sit at the park to eat.

Fermbank Museum is also close.

We took my son and he is 11 and he enjoyed it.

**(Disclaimer if you use the code for the fever app I will get a voucher when you use yours! )**

Make sure to check back each Friday and Saturday when I post another Family Fun place around the ATL. Check us out on Facebook or Instagram

For other family fun places around the ATL check out my list from the past 10 years of family fun around Atlanta here!

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16 de ago. de 2021

thank you for the wonderful review. We are going to the exhibit this Saturday.


31 de mai. de 2021


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