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A Christmas Carol, Radio Play by Alliance Theater

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

We went to the opening night of the Alliance Theaters A Christmas Carol. It is located in a parking lot near the old Braves stadium. (18 Georgia Ave, WE Atlanta, GA 30315) It is going on till December 23.

When you pull up, you show your ticket, I printed mine so it was easy for them to scan.

You can buy your ticket on three levels of parking Gold, red and green is the back, We were in the back section, green.

They give you a red envelope with a car freshener that smells like a fresh Christmas tree, crayons, a post card, a selfie card (will explain later) a program and kid sheet.

The show is about 1.5 hours long, with no intermission. This is like in the old days, hence the name radio play. The actors are very talented! You watch them read the script with such enthusiasm. They sing at some parts and they had a few interactive parts my son loved.

They had a part where they ask you to take a car selfie and text it in and they show your pictures on the screens.

They have a link in your email you get ahead of time to send in pictures of Christmas past and they will show those when they talk about Christmas pasts.

They have a part where a character misses someone and they ask you to fill out a postcard of someone you miss and at the end they ask for them and they will stamp and mail them for you. So make sure you bring a pen and address!

Hero doughnuts gave us a box of doughnuts. They were walking around handing them out. Not sure if this was an opening night thing or they do it every night. You can order from them and Hot Dog Petes from the email and they will deliver to your car so look at your space number when you park.

Click here for the places to order from

The parking lot opens at 5. T

here are porta potties here too.

You can bring chairs and sit outside your car and a mask is required when you are outside of your car.

Make sure to turn off your lights. If you park your car, put on your emergency break then restart it, it should turn them off.

Make sure to have a full tank of gas. It was cold, so we stayed in the car with it on for heat. If you turn if off, make sure to turn it on every 30 mins of so so your battery doesn't die. We saw this happen last night. You need your radio to hear the show on stations 88.9 or 90.5

The set up in the pictures is how the whole show is and you can see a close up of them in the boxes above while they read the story.

I brought a glow necklace for my son to make it festive and we had blankets and ate take out in the car.

You can get them here on Amazon (Amazon affiliate)

After we went to the drive through lights at Atlantic Station.

Click here to learn about Atlantic Station Lights other Holiday Family Fun around the ATL.

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