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Your Pie (Milton and other locations)

Have you been to Your Pie located at 2955 Bethany Bend, Milton in the Publix Shopping Center?

When you walk in you go to the far left. It is like subway in the sense you tell them what you want and they make it in front of you. You chose a dough, yes they have gluten free, a sauce, then the veggies and meats. All the food is fresh. They cook it in the pizza oven behind the counter, so you can see it being cooked. You can also get pannis and salads there.

The pizzas come in 10 in ($7.99) My son and I got one to split, but found we were still hungry so they are more like personal sizes and he got another kid sized one.

The kid meals are 7 inch pizzas, a drink and a gelato. ($5.99). I upgraded our pizza to a salad combo with drink and gelato for $3.99 more.

You serve your self drinks and find a seat. I wished they had plates as when I tried to share the pizza with my son we did not have any, I assume because most get a pizza for themselves. We ended up making plates out of the small to go boxes they have near the soda stand.

They have delicious gelato too!

My son loved being able to “make” our pizza by telling them what to put on it and being able to see it being made. The pizza tasted really fresh and we will defiantly be back.

Kids get extra dough to play with at the table while you wait for your food.

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