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World of Illumination (Marietta, Georgia)

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Looking for a fun festive way to get into the holiday spirit that is covid friendly? Then check out World illumination. We went to the opening night of World of Illumination in 2020. That year it was called Candy Rush and is located in the Six Flags White Water Parking lot in Marietta, not Six Flags Amusement Park!

You can buy your tickets ahead of time. They are timed out in groups of 30 mins, so 6:00, 6:30 etc. I am not sure how many they sell for each group.

You can purchase tickets here.

Groupon usually has tickets as does in the store Costco sometime has them for sale too so check there. Make sure you claim it. online before you go and have a time and date picked out.

There is a bathroom where you can pull over before you start, close to the second spot you stop at. They are porta potties, but make sure if someone needs to go they go then. I assume they are dark inside too, so maybe have a flashlight or your cellphone flashlight on.

We arrived at 5:30 and were the 5th car in line. By 6:00 the line was into the street. You then pull up and follow the lights around. You get to a point where they put the cars into 4 lines. We ended up being car number 2 now.

They remind you to drive 3-5 mph and to turn off your cars outside lights (make sure you know ahead how to turn of your parking lights) They will give you a radio station to turn to to hear. the music.

Santa was sitting in a chair in the third row on the left side. He waves as you drive by. They ask that you not stop while in the light show area. You will people with light sticks around as you drive to help guide you.

Besides Santa being on the left side of the car, it does not matter what side of the car anyone sits on.

We were car 2 so it took us about 15 minutes to drive through the actual light part which is a mile long. I assume the farther back in line, the longer it will take, the website says about 35 minutes, but again no one was really in front of us. Maybe have a Christmas movie in the car DVD player while you wait to get in as I can see you sitting in that line a while.

We love Christmas and lights so we all loved this. I will say, I would love to go back and not be the driver so I could look more. I feel the driver does get a less experience because you have to watch where you are driving.

I think this is a great social distance holiday activity. The only contact was when you show your ticket and then at the second area where they tell you about speed and lights.

You can have as many in the car as you have seats for. All cars have height limit 10' and 20' length. No RV's!

Make it a night of fun! We ate at the Marietta Diner (click below for info on it, before and you could do Lights of Life University lights after! All within 5 mins of this. place!

Places to eat:

Chick Fil a

Waffle House

Other fun things in the area:

Be sure to check out other holiday family fun events around the ATL. I will spotlight a new one each day on my Facebook page and Instagram page

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