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World of Coke (Atlanta, Georgia)

The World of Coke is located downtown in the area of the Aquarium at 126 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30313

I am a coke-a holic so this is my dream place!

You can use a City Pass or get tickets online.

They now offer VIP tours in groups of 10.

From their website "At World of Coca‑Cola, you will experience the world’s most famous beverage in a dynamic, multimedia attraction. Get closer than ever before to the vault that houses the secret formula for Coca‑Cola. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the bottling process. View hundreds of artifacts and send your taste buds on a trip around the globe as you taste more than 100 beverages."

The average time for a visit is 2 hours. We went first thing when they opened it up and took our time with no crowd and took 1 hour 15 mins.

You walk in, show your tickets, then go through typical security. Then you walk in a room where you can choose a small can of coke for free( they have a few flavors). You can drink it then or save it.

You enter another room and a lady will give you coke facts then you can explore some coke memorabilia.

Then you go into a movie. Lasts less than 10 mins I think. If you have a stroller, they will move it to the bottom for you. Then they screen goes up and you enter the World of Coke.

They have the bear to take pictures with, the vault with the secret formula, and the bottling room on this floor.

There are bathrooms on the left side and a place you can charge to charge your phone.

You can then take the steps up to the top floor or an elvevator. They have a 4d movie here. I suggest you look at how soon til the next movie. We had 15 mins so we did the other rooms while we waited.

They have a room with a normal movie in it about coke, the Pop Culture room where you can emails yourself a design of a coke bottle you make, write about a coke story you have and the tasting room.

Learn more about the rooms here.

When we went to the movie, the movie seats do move a lot so if you have a bad back, do not do it. They also squirt air onto you and other effects. They do have a back row where the seats do not shake. They will give you 4d paper glasses. You watch a short video before you enter the theater and you may exit the movie at anytime if needed!

The final room is the best, the Tasting Room. You can sample as many cokes as you want! My son washed his cup out after each kind with water.

The Beverly---do not let people fool you , it tastes like bad medicine.

You can get just water here too. They also have a few slushy drinks. All are free and you can drink as much as you want.

You may not take a cup of soda with you though.

Once you exit, you can not reenter.

You exit through a Coke gift shop.

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