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Wild Animal Safari (Pine Mountain, GA)

Wild Animal Safari 706-663-8744

1300 Oak grove Road, Pine Mountain, GA 31822 is located roughly 1 hour and 45 mins from Milton. It is very close to Callaway Garden and the new Great Wolf Lodge. We rented a cabin one year at Callaway, but I would check out pictures of the cabins as some are nicely redone such as the one we stayed in but, the hotel and other cabins ( they call villas) are old, outdated and I have read bad reviews and heard from friends about them. So just check it out before you book. This could be done in a day so don't feel you have to spend the night. We went to Callaway Gardens the next day.

Before you arrive at the animal park, you need to decide if you will take your car through, get a ticket per person for the tour guided bus (they do not run year round so check before you go) or rent a zebra van. I did not want animal saliva all over my car or possibly dented from the animals so we rode the bus. We sat towards the front of the bus and animals really leaned in the front door and windows. So you still get up close experiences.

Click here to buy tickets. Many times they are on Groupon so check there first.

You get to feed the animals with the pellets you buy before hand, You can buy one bag for $4.25 or they have a special for 4 bags but wear clothes you don't mind getting a little slobber on and have wipes with you to wipe your hands. It gets hot on the bus in summers too. We had a portable fan and waters with us. They ask you bring no food so the animals don't try to get it, plus you don't want to eat after feeding them til you wash your hands. It is a great way to feel like you are on animal safari here in Georgia!. The tour is roughly an hour long and so much fun! When you first drive into the park you feel like you are in Jurassic Park. They then drive slowly to not hurt the animals and to give the animals time to eat. They will stay on a concrete path, so the ride is not bumpy.

The restrooms are fine and food is ok- so maybe plan to bring food for after or go eat somewhere. They had a kona ice truck one time we were there. They also have for free a walking trail to see some animals too.

There are 70 types of wild life species and over 550 animals to be seen. It is over 300 acres to tour and the drive is 3.5 miles long.

Click here for more pictures from our trip.

The camels are towards the very end, and very messy!

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