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West Bank Park, Lake Lanier

Hike #6

Address: Buford Dam road, on the left right before the dam.

Bathrooms: Yes a little house when you first enter on the left but you wont see it when you pull in. It is like even with the parking machine

Water Fountain: Yes near the bathrooms

Pet Friendly: We did not see any dog while there, but also did not see any signs saying no

Parking: Plenty, $5 per car they have a charge card machine

Trail/Distance: depends where you walk it can be a big loop or you can make it a shorter walk

Weather: Mostly shaded, but some areas sunny

Interesting things here: You can see the Buford Dam on the right side. They had a huge flood in 2019 no a lot has been redone. There is a little beach area, with no lifeguard

Kid Friendly: Yes

Playground: No

Hours: Did not see posted times

Signage: no because you really just walk around in a circle


Restaurants nearby: None real close go to exit 14 at 400 which is about 5 miles away

Did you know Lake Lanier has 7.5 Million visitors a year and is 700 miles of shoreline ? (www.lakielanierisalnds.)

We used our All Trails app to find a new place to hike around Lake Lanier and on the way to that place we stumbled upon West Bank Park at Lake Lanier right near the Buford Dam.

In 2019 it has some flooding to the US Army Corp of Engineers shut it and it got a little face lift.

When you drive here it is on the left, right before you drive over the Buford Dam. When you first pull in you will see a little house, there is a machine to get a parking pass there. It was $5 and it took charge cards only.

There is a bathroom behind that house on the left.

Pull in and choose where to park. We parked on the right and walked down to the water. Bring food to feed the geese!

On the left is a small beach with no lifeguards, to the right is a nice little trail around the water with new picnic benches and you can see the Buford Dam.

You can drive in and turn right and there is a nice covered area with picnic tables and small grill Keep going around and there is more parking and a little walking trail on the right.

We saw some people running and they would just keep circling the parking lot. We saw people fishing, and even an artist painting the beautiful view. I read this is a great place to watch the sunrise.

This is not a huge place, and not a true hiking, area but we enjoyed it and plan to go back with with fishing poles and a picnic.

Check back every Wednesday for a new place to hike. Click here to see our other hikes we have done.

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