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Weather ready

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Atlanta is known to get bad weather sometimes weather it be snow, rain/flooding or hurricanes, it is always good to be prepared. I have over 30 tips listed here to help you prepare for these time.

Items you would want to buy before for a power outage.

Cell Phone Charger - I would make sure each person has one. It has two plugs so you can charge 2 devices at once, but you may need it for a few days. You can charge the charge in your car if you have a usb plug. I like this one as it tells you how much left to charge or how much charge is left.

Battery Pack- Last time Georgia lost power my husband was so upset he could not make coffee so we got this so he can plug the coffee pot into it. It has a real outlet in the back.

Lantern Lights. These are great as you can plug them in ahead to charge or use batteries. I like because you can set on a table and makes the room light up.

Hat with built in flashlight with a few different levels or brightness. I have one in my car, one at home and one for school. It makes it so easy to do life without having to carry a flashlight around. A friend got this to sue to walk her dog at night too.

Glow Sticks- When the power goes out at my school my students love it as they get glow sticks. its a great way to distract them and have fun!

Neck Fan This is amazing We have one for each family member. You charge with a usb cord.

Tips to help you in a weather emergency

1. Download Hurricane apps, local weather apps (see pictures for my favorites)

Make sure all apps are up to date.

These are the ones I have in Georgia:

Hurricane: America Red Cross

Tornado: American Red Cross

Hurricane Tracker

Emergency: Alerts

WsbTv Weather

11alive storm trackers

Cbs 46 Weather

Fox 5 Storm Tram

2. Have pictures and videos of your items and property for insurance claims.

3. Get refills of medicine you may need or prescription numbers so another pharmacy can fill it. If you use a nationwide chain they can access your accounts anywhere. Do not forget if your pet needs meds!

4. Make a list of phone numbers such as doctors, insurance company, tree companies, power company, car insurance, charge card numbers, pets. etc You may need the numbers if your phone dies.

5. If you are in a direct hit area, they say to have importnat papers such birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, passports, insurance policies,medical records if you have serious health issues.

6. Cash~ No power=no atms and no charge card machines.

7. Fill your car with gas.

8. Have lots of extra power chargers for phones, ipads for kids. We have one for each person in the family adn one for appliances.

9. What can you play with kids to entertain them with no power?

10. What will you eat with no power? Canned food is always good to have on hand. You can light a fire or use a grill. If its winter you can keep food cold outside if no power.

11. Have big containers of water and cases of water to drink. In Texas this winter the water plant lost power so they also had no water for days.

12. Make sure things in your yard are tied down or secured. Cover cars if you can. Last hurricane here in Atlanta a rock chipped my windshield so I have a cover for the window now for hurricanes.


13. Let family know where you will be staying and phone numbers. If you are in a direct hit area. Change your out going message to where you are and that you are safe. If your phone dies or cant get cellular it will let relatives and friends know you are safe when they cant reach you.

14. Stock up batteries all sizes.

15. Make sure you have your child and pets favorite items to comfort them during this transition. See idea for dogs to use the bathroom in a kiddie pool, it may flooded areas outside or to dangerous to take them out.

16. Make sure your insurance covers flooding. Usually this is an add on cost. Probably to late to add now, but add for the next Hurricane.

17. Keep receipts for gas, hotels, and food some insurances such as USAA plans may cover these expenses for mandatory evacuation areas.

18.The weather channel sometimes lets channel 105 be free on Sirus XM for everyone even if you do not have xm or sirus so you can listen about the storm.

19. Wine! Ok we all now you are going to need it.

20. Remain calm, especially with children. If you are anxious they think they need to be. Have them face time relatives to give you a break. Tell them about a cool place they may visit wherever you evacuate to.

21. Build a hurricane kit. For suggestions check here. h

22. Prepare for long times of no power and what will you do? How will you stay warm or cool?

23. Lock up or take your valuables with you.

24. Put things in your house higher up encase there is flooding.

25. Make sure you have good shoes for flooding, debris on ground.

26. Place a quarter on top of a cup of frozen water. You can tell if your power went out and for how long by where the quarter is in your cup when you come back home.

27. Here is a great list to check out too!

28. The main thing is to stay safe and out of the storms way. I hope every reading this stays safe and don't be afraid to call that friend out of state and use it as an excuse to go visit them. I know I get excited as I always have my amazing college roommate and her family with us. My son gets excited for their dog to come! On the flip side I know how hard it is for her to pack up and leave family and friends who decide to stay and leave everything she owns.

29. Here is a video I showed my son of how a hurricane is created for those who are curious:

30. Video What is a Hurricane for Kids

31, Have your power company and water company numbers and account numbers in your phone so you can track when it is to come back on.

32. Make a first aid kit and medicine bag

** I am an Amazon Affilate and may earn money from your purchases but cost nothing to you

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