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Traveling with a baby or toddler

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

These were are favorite items when our son was young and we traveled.

Camera for backseat of car so you don't have to keep looking back.

Toddler blow up bed, this was great and fits in a suitcase. We also put a fitted crib sheat on the middle section just encase he had an accident.

Disposable Bibs Makes it so easy to not have to clean bibs on a trip

Disposable wash clothes If hotels has washclothes washed in some detergents my son would get a reaction so we would bring these with us and trash. Made it so easy

Seat belt for the airplane We used this so I did not have to carry the car seat on the plane. Please always follow airline safety rules.

Small infant pool for the bath tub- my son always had sensitive skin so we brought this on trips to make sure the tub we clean and then would trash when we left. I would stock up after summer sales at walmart or Target for these

Need bed rails for your toddler, if going on a beach trip use the noodles at night under the fitted sheat and you have bed rails!

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**Please note I am an Amazon Affiliation and may get compensated for you clicking or purchasing from the above links. It costs you nothing!

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