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Tiny Towne (Norcross)

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Located at 2055 Beaver Ruin Road, Norcross, GA 30071 is a hidden town where kids can drive!

Click here to find out their covid safety policies

This is information based on a pre-covid trip, so some things may have changed.

Tiny Towne is located in a strip mall roughly 45 mins. from Milton. They frequently are found on Groupon and highly suggest you get one. When you first get there you check in and figure out what package you want to buy. . Depending on what Groupon or package you buy, some come with a kid’s license. You then go over to an IPAD and fill in name, birthday and email. Then it takes their picture for the ID. You go back to check in and they let your child choose what color ID and lanyard they want and the print a really cute license.

We did the train for 3 points, 2 sets of 4 rounds of driving the kid cars and the adult golf cart drive 20 points. All points are put on a card or ID and you can use them anywhere. The day we were there if you checked in and like them on FB you get 5 extra points. So we did this.

We then went to the kid cars. If you are under 46 inches and in a front facing car seat you ride one size car. Children 46 -57 inches rode another size car. 57 inches and above rode the golf cart size cars after they took a class. The one negative thing was we had kids different sizes so the 46-57 inch kids went their turn, then the under 46 inches went, so you had siblings waiting. The guys who were working that area were very sweet to the kids.

Next we did the golf car size cars. We had to go give our real license back at check in to get an adult card and switch our kid’s points to our points to ride this section. With 2 moms and 3 kids we had an issue as we could only fit 1 adult and 1 kid in the cart at a time so one mom waited for the other. They do allow you to switch out kids so during one of our 20 min session, I switched out all 3 kids. I went under a yellow traffic light while driving and the “cop” came and pulled us over with flashing lights on his car and sirens. He then talked to us about the law. It was really cute.

They have an arcade (the picture only shows half of it) and you can use your points in there. I also saw you can get tickets and prizes but we did not do those games.

They have a place to eat called the Grill. For an amusement place the food was actually fine. They give you a cute street sign for you to keep at your table to let them know where to deliver the food. We had a no u turn sign.

The train ride for the kids are 3 points each and parents are free. You go around once and there is a very small tunnel that is dark for about 10 seconds.

There were 3 birthday parties going on while we were there too, but we never felt crowded because of it.

Over all we had a great time. I highly suggest getting a Groupon to save money. We did have 3 hours of fun there including lunch time. My son has already asked when we can go back so I guess that says it all.

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