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The Sandwich Project

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

The Sandwich Project is a non-profit dedicated to providing sandwiches to the homeless in the greater Atlanta area.

My kindergarten class made 30 sandwiches today in 30 minutes. It was so easy even 5 year olds can do it!

You have each person wear a disposable mask and disposable gloves.

They put out the bread, put a piece of cheese on each piece.

They then put 3 slices of turkey in each sandwich and put a top on it.

Put each sandwich in a sealed baggie and stick them back in the loaf of bread bag.

It was so easy and taught them so much! They already asked to do it again!

Make sure to check back each Friday and Saturday when I post another Family Fun place around the ATL. Check us out on Facebook or Instagram

For other family fun places around the ATL check out my list from over 10 years of family fun around Atlanta.

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