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T-Rex Disney Springs, (Orlando,Florida)

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Do you or your kids love dinosaurs?

Then this is the place to go! Located in Disney Springs close to the parking lots.

You can make reservations through Disney for it, on open table or walk up but there is usually a wait.

Don't want to wait and just want to walk up? Get a Landry card. What is a Landry card, play $25 for the card. You instantly get a $25 credit (don't worry you will use it). You then get $25 more for your birthday. When you walk up show them your card and you will be seated in about 10 mins or less usually. It is also good at Rainforest Cafe too.

When you arrive out front is a hostess desk, check in there. They will either send you in or give you a buzzer. If you go in you will be seated in about 10 mins or less. Kids don't like to wait, go to the gift shop on the right and and then turn right and there is a huge sand box they can play in while you wait and it is shaded! You can always shop the gift shop or build a dinobear. Just like a Build a Bear only dinosaur. They do have specials if you want a bag, clothes, accessory etc for a dinosaur but found it only saved a few dollars and I ended up with things I would not have bought, so for me was not a good deal. I just will buy the dinosaur next time.

If you have been waiting it should be close to time to be called. Every 15 mins or so they have a show where the lights dim, blink and the dinosaurs come to life. It is really fun. Make sure to walk around and see the different areas, there is a fish tank one that is cool. This is one of my sons favorite places to eat. The kids always love the dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. They do have a penny press machine by the sand box.

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