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Sully's Salsa

This is the best start up business story!

They just dropped off some samples for us and they were delicious!!

"Tyler (CEO of Sully's Salsa) like many 11 year old kids, is really into sports, gaming and Fortnite. In June 2020, his Mom was checking her credit card bill when she saw charge after charge to Apple for Fortnite V-bucks. She had no idea that her credit card was hooked up to either of her son's electronic devices!! After a couple of calls to Apple customer service, it was discovered that Tyler was the culprit behind the V-bucks spending spree! As ANGRY parents, we decided to make Tyler pay back every single cent of what he owed us (and told him he couldn't get any electronic devices back until he did).

After 10 days of doing chores and only earning around $15, Tyler was devastated and frustrated. Would he EVER get access to his ipad again? We were going to FL in July and he may have to spend 9 hours in the car staring out the window (We told him welcome to our world as children )

Finally, Tyler knew that his Dad had a tasty salsa recipe and that many of his neighbors loved heat! So he started testing different flavors and using different peppers from his family's garden. One Facebook post later asking for orders...and the rest as they say, is history! Tyler paid off his debt in 5 days and has since sold out local neighborhood markets and our sign ups for our batches get filled in minutes! We are now in 4 farmers markets and just opened our online store!!!"

You can order on line

Check them out on Instgram!

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