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Stone Mountain Park Christmas

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

It's the most wonderful time of the year and Stone Mountain Park has turned into a magical Winter Wonderland! (My pictures really don't do it justice)!

We were hosted by Stone Mounatin to attend their Stone Mountain Christmas. We have gone maybe 5 times before, but this year it felt more magicall! The first time we took my son he was 4.

Covid update: signs say if not vaccinated wear a mask inside. We saw a mix of people with and without masks so do whatever your family thinks is right.

We arrived at 2:00 when the Christmas area opens. You can go as early as 10am for the sky ride up the mountain. You do pay for parking per car to get into the area.

Park by the ticket area. They do have a VIP ticket. If lines are long, I suggest you get it to speed up your time in line.

Educators click here to learn how to get one free ticket!

Most of the park is credit card only, but the light up items are cash only and were $10 or $20 each.

We grabbed our tickets and went through the gate and went left.

For your ticket, just peal the little end and stick it around your wrist. DO NOT PEEL IT OFF THE PAPER!!

The area to the left is the sky ride is the Dinotorium. Dinotorium is a building on the right, think a big building where kids can throw balls, climb nets etc. My son, 11, and his friend spent a good 30 mintues in here having fun. They do have restrooms in here and benches for parents to sit on. They have bins with bags for kids to store the balls in.

We walked out of there and went right and went through a time machine to the time of dinosaurs. If your kid loves dinosaurs this is the place! They do move their heads and roar, but nothing scary.

We then proceded back to the main ticket area where they checked our bands and entered where there are shops, and places to eat are.

Plan ahead!

Use this to guide to help you know where to go and when. You really need to plan your trip around what you want to see and fill in with whatever. I suggest you do the train ride first as the lines get long. There is one area on the train with lights, so if you want to see lights, wait till dark, but again the lines are long the later in the day you go.

After you entered the gated part, past the BBQ place, there is a spot here to get pictures with Rudolph Characters before the 4d theater on your right.

Mrs. Claus is across the way for story time too!

The restrooms are here too!

Our first stop after getting a snack, was the Polar Express 4D. You go in, there is a VIP line and regular line. Each person gets a set of glasses. Watch your children near the doors to the actual theater, the white box shows where the doors will open, so stay out of that area. The seats moved a little, a little wind, and a quick spray of water are the affects for those who have sensitive children. They ask you leave at least one seat between each party to be covid friendly. It was about 20 mins long and showed the main highlights from the original movie.

We then boarded the train and went on the roughly 30 min ride around the mountain. Again, lines can get long here! If you have a stroller you will park it before you get on. Sit on the side of the mountain to see lights and they have a little story they tell at one point. They let you stand when they get to that part if you are on the other side. The TV's on the train will show the words to the songs they are playing so everyone can sing along!

After the train we played the free 18 holes of Putt Putt.

The kids then wanted to go to the toy and candy store.

We then ate at the marketplace. They have cheeseburgers, salads, pizza, fruit and chicken fingers. They have indoor and outdoor seating here and bathrooms. There is also a gift shop in here with Stone Mountain Items.

This is across from the marketplace, if you want to grab food here.

They have this BBQ place near the main entrance to eat at too!

It was now 6:00 and time for the parade! You will line the streets and watch the parade go by from where the 4D movie is to straight down to the Santa area.

All the buldings are decked out in lights and it really feels magical!

After the parade we grabbed a funnel cake for desert and headed to the 6:45 light show. Get there early, at 6:40 Santa will ride on his sleigh above you near the tree!

Now it was time for the World's Largest Christmas Light Show to be shown on the mountain, complete with fireworks. Be sure to bring a blanket to sit on. Ours was in the car as I did not want to carry it all day but ended up buying a Stone Mountain blanket for $15 in the Market Gift shop, as I did not want to walk back to the car.

As we left the area we stopped to hear the carolers sing.

We then walked to see a funny kid friendly version of a Christmas Carol.

Behind it is a cute Christmas story in a white tent with the Snow Angel. My two 11 year old boys were a little to old for it but little girls would love it for sure!

Next up was a visit to the Jolly old man himself. They ask you wear masks in here and Santa is behind a class window so very covid safe. Yes, I bought the picture! The cheapest was $20. The $30 one came with a cute ornament and there are other pacakges.

After this you could go back and see another light show but it was less than 40 degress and we had been there for hours so we headed to the car and stopped to walk through the Musical Frosted Forest and also the Skylight Spectacular.

Make sure to bring hats, gloves, etc if it is cold on the day you go. They do sell hot chocolate to keep you warm! We went from opening to closing and still didn't have time for everything and wanted to stay for more, but sadly it was time to call it a night!

Your family will truly have a magical time! We can't wait to go back again.

This is what they sell for cash only and they are $10 or $20 each, the $20, I think blew bubbles.

They do sell light up glow sticks, glasses to look at the lights and light up necklaces. I like to stock up ahead and get them cheaper. Sometimes our elf leaves them before we go places.

4 pack of glasses 10 pack (Amazon affilaite)

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