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Stan the Snowman at the Center for Puppetry Arts

We always loved taking my son to see a puppet show during the holidays!

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Based on the Hans Christian Andersen short story “The Snow Man" and adapted and directed by Jon Ludwig.

Enter a winter wonderland with Stan the Snowman. A magical tale of fun and friendship. Alice the dog explains the wintry world to Stan. Ice Skating! Snowball fights! Hockey! Moose mail! Moose mail???!

Discover a land right next to ours where tests of true friendship and courage abound. A bad cat, a clever dog, a smart snow woman who is a great writer, the Sun and the Moon, and a wolf.

Join in all the excitement about Stan the Lovesick Snowman. Based on The Snowman by Hans Christian Andersen.

Puppetry Styles: Rod Puppets Create-A-Puppet Workshop™: Stan the Lovesick Snowman Rod Puppet NOTE: No shows Nov 26 | Dec 25 | Jan 1

From our visits pre covid! When you arrive, you will park behind the building. There are lots of parking spots. Spring Street is a one way street so you come in the same way. They have a new playground here to play on near the parking lot. My son enjoyed playing on it.

If you are not a member you will probably pick up tickets at will call. It is when you first walk in. There is also a gift shop to your right.

When you purchase your ticket you have options for buying a ticket to the new museum and to the puppet making class after. We always do both. I believe with a membership it comes free with your tickets.

If you are not a member, they open the doors 30 mins before the performance so get in line if you want a good seat, but feel you can see pretty good anywhere as long as there are no tall people in front of you.

They are very kid friendly here and if you need to get up for any reason they will come to you with a flashlight and lead you out and help you back to your seat to find it with ease. They even have kid size sinks and toilets!

We usually do the make a puppet right after the show. You walk up the steps to the next floor and they have everything all ready for you. There are instruction sheets easy to read. Usually, I just buy my son the puppet ticket, but sometimes I make one my self! . We made a tic toc croc puppet that glows under black lights. They took us to another room with a black light for him to put on his own show (and any other kids.) We then do the museum after so I am not hurrying my son and he can take his time through it. There are hands on areas so be sure to look for those.

I do suggest looking into a membership as it gives great discounts and you always get to sit in the first 3 rows without having to get there early to get a good seat.

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