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Stables at Frederica (Sea Island, GA)

After visitng a dude ranch in Texas this summer, my 11 yr old son loves horseback riding.

My friend who has a beach place on St. Simon, recommeneded he go ride with the Stables at Frederica, and I am so glad she did. She had gone recently with her daughter and after I posted on my personal page found out many fo our friends had used them.

We booked it ahead of time. I think it was $140 with tax and then we added a tip for one hour. We did the 9 am tour so it would be cooler.

They did the marshes and the beach. There were 2 employees that went with him and a family of 5 who ironically was from the Atlanta area too.

They suggested he wear tennis shoes or his cowboy boots and he also wear longs pants and a thsirt. He also had to wear a helmet they gave him. I forget the age where you do not have to wear a helmet but he had to. He did say in the hot sun he got sweaty in it so maybe next time Ill have his hair wet to keep him cool. They gave them water when they got back.

They did an amazing job of wiping the reigns before each person got on and telling them how to ride the horse.( He had onlyrode in Texas).

We will go back for sure every time we visit!

I highly recommend this if your child has ever wanted to do this and also for adults.

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