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St. Nicholas or the Krampus

Picture taken by my brother in Germany

The smell of Gluhwein, Lebkuchen, the chill of the air as you wander the German Christmas markets is always a fond memory for me!

My parents, both American, met in Germany in the 60's. They had a love of Germany and instilled it in my brother and I, so much that my brother has gone to the German Christmas markets every year for 25 years! This year he was to get his 1,000,000 status on Delta, but due to covid, could not go and the markets were cancelled for the first time since World War II. He goes every year to be in Germany on December 6.

All of our houses are decorated with items from Kathe Wohlfahrt, a very popular Christmas store in Germany that makes amazing German Christmas decorations from Nutcrackers to smokers.

While the Krampus may have taken the joy of travel away this year, he cant take away Saint Nicholas.

In Germany, St. Nickolas arrives on December 6 and goes house to house to deliver small presents and places them in children's shoes. If your child has not behaved it was believed that the Krampus would visit instead. He is a half goat, half demon looking and would chase children.

Every year at our house if my son is good, Saint Nicholas comes and leaves a piece of German chocolate and a little gift. One year, the elf was found protecting my sons shoes from the Krampus with light swords.

May all your shoes be filled with joy today!!

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