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St Kitts and Nevis

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

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St Kitts is a beautiful island. We went on a trip in 2007, so somethings may have changed since then.

Delta flies there on certain days of the week. This trip we were there on a chartered flight. When you fly in the Island is small and so is the runway near the mountains. When we flew home we had to fly to Turks and Cacaos to get more fuel as the fuel would weight the plane down to much in St Kitts

The sun is very hot here so please make sure to use good sunscreen and have spf swim suits or you can get sunburn through them. Trust me! We got burns where we didn't think you could burn, but at the time they did not have spf suits.

We stayed at the Marriott St Kitts hotel and Casino. We came here for a week and had a great time. We had an outside building and we had like half a rooftop as our balcony. It was amazing! The beach is right there and there is a Casino . They also had a kids club when we went

Beach at the Marriott. They have monkeys with diapers on here!

We ate while on St Kitts at Turtle Bar and Grille. We took a taxi from the Marriott. I remember it being very cheap and was very scenic along the away. The taxi driver stayed at the restaurant while we ate to drive us back. Beautiful views. There are monkey here, which you find around the island.

We also went to Mr. X’s Shiggity Shack. It was fun and on the beach. Remember they are on Island time, so order your second drink the minute your first one comes. You will thank me later!


We went one day to the neighboring Island Nevis. This little Island is right off St Kitts. It has roughly 11,00 people and just you wait.... did you know Alexander Hamilton was born here?

You can take a little boat over. It did not take long. Make sure to know what time the last boat back is.The downtown area was not much of anything when we were there. They have a Fours Season here where many stars come to stay

While in Nevis we went to Nesbit Plantion. Nisbet Plantation is stunning. We took a taxi from the boat area and spent our day here. We had lunch on the beach at this cute table. We then swam, went walking on the beach and layed in the hammocks on the beach. It truly was paradise.

Other fun things on St. Kitts:

St Kitts Rain forest

For more activities check here

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