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St. Augustine, Florida

Updated: Apr 1

St Augustine is such a fun city to see. It is about 40 mins south of Jacksonville. We go here every year for one day when we go to Jacksonville for a few days.

This information is from pre-covid times so times, prices and information may have changed.

Old Towne Trolley

I encourage you to take the Old Towne Trolley around, even though we had a car, it just makes it fun and easy. We always start at spot 1 the jail. They have a neat gift shop, lots of parking and fun old time games. It is open air. You get a sticker to wear and hop on and off as many times as you like at the 22 stops. They have a day pass which is what we do ot they have multi day passes. If you buy your tickets online you save 10 percent. This is a great way to see it all. If you just ride it around like we did on our first trip it is about an hour long. They give great history facts along the way. Pretty much where they drop you off is where they pick you up Or you can walk to another stop and get on there. Look for the signs for pick up.

St. Augustine Alligator Farm

Every year we go to the Alligator Farm. My son loves it there. Located at 999 Anastasia Blvd. St. Augustine, FL 32080, it is across the draw bridge and near the light house.

We always go at opening time around 9 am as it can get hot in the Florida heat.

They are open 9am -5pm 365 days a year.

They do give AAA, military and seniors discounts.

It is very handicapped/stroller friendly.

Make sure to get a map when you pay.

I encourage you to get tickets online as the line to get tickets can be empty or a line. Once you pay, you get a stamp to go in. There are restrooms right here if you need them. Then you will see some birds, an albino alligator and its babies. You then go to a big area the center of the zoo where there are alligators. This year they were all growling when we went. We had never heard that before and actually thought it was a sound effect at first. It was matting season they told us.

You can then decide which are to go to next. We go through all the areas, there is also a playground area, a place to feed ducks, a place to feed alligators, and some inside exhibits with air conditioning!

They have a penny machine to make pressed pennies. There is a change machine there but there is none for pennies. This is in the front exhibit by the albino alligator.

They have a swamp area where you can pay a quarter to a machine and it gives you food so have quarters with you.

We also bring a cup or baggie to put the food in as it is easier for my son to hold while feeding. I love this area as you feel like you are in the swamp and their are birds there too. After the swamp there are two air conditioned exhibits you can go through. This is a video of the alligators as my son feeds them.

They also have where you can hold a snake or alligator and take a picture. for $45 you can go and feed the tortoise and get a picture with it, up to 5 people in your group for that price. My son always loves holding the alligator. They rubber band the mouth shut so do not worry.

They have a sand box area too where for $5 you can buy a bag of shark teeth, or stones and go sort it out in the sand box to keep.

They have informational shows and feedings, so check the schedules for that.

They have a snack bar and another set of restrooms by it.

They do have benches along the way as sometimes my mom who uses a cane needs to sit.

They have a zipline above the zoo. You have to be 8 years and 52 inches tall to do this. We have not personally done it, but everyone seems to love it.

They have a great gift shop with books for all ages on alligators lots of neat toys. My son always loves to go shopping here.

If you love alligators this is the place to go!!

Light House

Located near the Alligator Farm is the St Augustine Lighthouse. 81 Lighthouse Avenue Street, Augustine, Florida 32080. It is open from 9-7 each day. Admission is $12.95 for adults, children, who have to be 44 inches or taller to walk up the light house, are $10.95 and so are seniors. They also have a Paranormal experience and prices are $25 for adults, and children $20.

They have tiny clue times for children at 10 and 4, but we were not there at those times. It looks like a scavenger hunt type activity. You park or get off the trolley and go in the gift shop to buy tickets. We then went to the restroom and began our journey.

There is a small playground before you get to the lighthouse. Make sure to have bottles of water with you. I also brought a portable hand fan which many did admire!. They did sell water outside the lighthouse when we were there for $1.50 cash or they had a stand for drinks that took charge cards but did notice it was closed when we came down.

A wonderful lady showed us to put our camera on pana and zoom up to get a picture of us and the whole lighthouse.

This lighthouse has wider steps then normal and you don't feel to confined. I felt like it was roughly 30 steps, then they had a landing and then 30 more etc. There are 219 steps total. Some landings just had listed how many more steps to go, some had a window and 2 of the landings had a bench. We took our time walking it and stopping for breaks in the 95 degree heat and took us less than 45 mins to go up and down. We would be on the slower side. People are polite and wait for you to clear the steps before they begin to walk them the opposite direction.

When you get to the top they warn you there are bees. We only saw one. It is a great breeze up there and neat to look around. I felt the landing around the top was wide too.

There were two workers up there if you need help. Going down to me is much easier but my son got a little nervous looking down. There is a historical house at the bottom across from the entrance, but we did not go there.

After we went drove to Mellow Mushroom for lunch before going back to the old town part. My son and I really enjoyed doing this. Try using the code REDTRAIN15 online and save 15 percent or 10% at the door

This is a great place in Old Towne to stop and get a cool treat!

We then parked and walked around old town and did some shopping. It seems like you could get off the Trolley at one end and it picks you up at the other end. After that we had a 3:30 tour of the chocolate factory and then drove a little out of town to Caps on the water for dinner.

Whestione ChocolateFactory Tour and Store

Come with me, and you'll see a world of pure imagination! Well, this is as close as you can get to Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

You might be able to grab a spot last minute, but we have been there when they have turned people away. I suggest you book them online ahead of time. Here is the link to buy tickets.

Here is some info about the tours:Monday - Friday: 11:00am, 1:00pm, 2:15 pm, 3:30pm Saturday: 10:00am, 10:30am, 11:15am, 11:45, 1:00pm, 1:30pm, 2:15pm, 2:45pm, 3:30pm Sunday: 11:00am, 1:00pm, 2:15 pm, 3:30pm Pricing Adults $8.00 Children 5-17 years old $5.50 Children under 5 Free Entry Each adult ticket includes a $2 coupon towards purchase of $10 or more.

Tours Start at 139 King Street Group rates & times of 15 or more are available When you get there, go in the candy shop. Go to the right side and check in. They will give you a sticker to wear. Then meet in the room with benches right before your tour time.

Make sure to use the restroom before the tour begins. They give you an intro and then a sample of fudge. They you get your fancy hair nets that the health dept requires you to wear, they even have nets for beards. When the tour begins, you will walk to the building next door. Here you watch an almost 7 min video of how chocolate is made and we got a milk chocolate, and white chocolate piece to sample here.

Next you go into the factory part. While we were in there we saw chocolate pretzels made and chocolate caramel popcorn. They explain how a few other items are made.

Then you walk back next door to get two dark chocolate samples. The tour is almost an hour. There is very little walking and you stand maybe 10/15 mins tops. They do have a water fountain as you exit the factory building. I got thirsty eating the candy, and you are not allowed to bring drinks with you. You can shop after and use your $2 off $10 purchase coupon. This is a stop on the Trolley and Red Train or you can drive here and park. My son was 8 and he loved doing this.(This was pre-covid)

We loved it here. There is a lot of land to walk around to see nature they have 15 exhibits, they shoot off cannons I think on the hour it was, down by the water. There is an are people can sit if someone older needs to sit while others look around. You go in and take a drink of the fountain of youth. Pre-covid you took a cup and got a sip. My son and I thought it tasty nasty but drank it anyway lol. We even bought a little bottle souvenir in the gift shop for my MIL.

My son was really into pirates so we had to go here. It does not take a lot of time and they have a great gift shop too!

Places we have eaten at:

Caps on the Water

We stop here every time we come to St. Augustine. Its about a 10 mins drive from the Fountain of youth. They have great food, great service and you can not beat the view!

My son the food critic :)

Places we hope to visit next trip:

Lightner Muesum- My husband went here and enjoyed it.

Other Places we want to try to eat at:

Other Fun places near by:

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