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Updated: Nov 26, 2022

We had my sons two freinds from school over for a movie night a few weeks ago. I wanted to make it special since they were going to one middle school and he another. I contacted one of those sleep parties to come but found it cheaper to buy the items on my own from Amazon/Target

Here are the items if anyone else wanted to do this. They loved it and now movie nights will aways be fun.

I actually got 4 of each as one other freind was to come




Pillow Cases

Blankets (these are so soft) .

Lights ( you cant see in picture but were perfect at night and came with a remote and has I think 7 different blinks to chose from)


Chalk board signs

Gaming stickers

Fortnite Stickers

Blow up mattresses from Target

Click here for info on our outdoor Movie Theater

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*As an Amazon Affiliate I may be compensated for your purchase, but it is of no extra cost to you.

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