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Shake Shack

Shake Shack Alpharetta is now open!

Located at 11780 Haynes Bridge Road, Alpharetta, Georgia in the old Burger King Building.

They serve delicious 100% angus beef burgers. They have grilled cheese, hotdogs, and mushroom burgers for vegeetarins. They even sell a bag of dog bones I saw online!

My brother introduced them to me years ago.

My son and I love Shake Shack!

He likes the bacon and cheese fries, I like the regular fries. I love the cookies and cream milkshake, he loves the strawwberry one.

Did I mention they sell beer and wine too?

Once you order you stand to the side or go sit and they will call your name. You pick up your order here.

They take cash and cards.

This location says cards a the computers but they did take my card at the register.

You can eat inside or outside.

You can order ahead online to pick it up. You will find the food here to the right of pick up.

Check back each Thursday when I post about another amazing place to eat! Instagram Facebook

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