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Santa Claus, Georgia

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Santa Claus, Georgia!

You read that right, there is a town called Santa Claus, Georgia!

We stopped there on the way back from a trip to St. Simon Island.

When you pull in you will see a cute town hall at 25 December Drive, where they will stamp your cards from Santa Claus, Georgia and the word "believe" on them. You can mail them from the red mailbox out front.

The town is super small, besides what you see in my pictures, it is just home to the roughly 300 residence and a playground they were working on when we were there this year.

Thomas F. Fuller, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, helped get the new Toombs County town of Santa Claus incorporated in 1941.

There is a gift shop across the street from the town hall. The sweet lady from town hall come over and let us in.

We then drove around to see the cute street names like December Drive, Candy Cane Road, Dancer Street, Rudolph Way, etc.

They have a Santa Garden and Church that were built in 2014.

On Christmas Eve, the residents line the streets with luminaries.

I love Christmas, so it was fun to visit if you are in the area. They keep the decorations up all year long.

It is near the town of Lyons and Vidalia, Georgia if you want to eat go there.

I really hope they make a Hallmark movie here one year!

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