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Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Located in the Kidani Village, not the main building at the hotel, is Sanaa an Indian influenced African dishes.

You can get great views of the animals while you eat if you are lucky enough to score a window seat.

We ate here twice on our visit. We did the lunch with an animal expert. You pay ahead for this meal and have a reservation time with others. You sit near the big window and she will tell you about the animals as you eat. It lasted about 1.5 hours. We did this on check in date.

If it is your birthday they come and sing and it is really cool.

Make sure your child gets the paint your own cupcake, it still is my sons favorite desert.

Make sure you order a bread plate! They have lots of sauces for you to try!

After our meal we went out the door near the restaurant and got to into a gated area and pet the turtles.

We went back another night for a regular dinner.

Click below on the arrows for more pictures!

Check back each Tuesday to learn tips for your families trips! Check here for other trips I have posted about! In this every changing world, this information is to the best of my knowledge accurate but things can change daily, so I suggest you always double check before you visit.

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