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Power Up Pilates (Milton)

Power Up Pilates located at 12670 Crabapple Road, Milton

Want a place with great music that creates positive and motivating energy with outstanding instructors to lead you on a reformer journey, then Power Up Pilates is your place!

What sets them apart from any other workout is their specialized equipment, talented staff, and an emphasis on form and function. With limited class sizes of 12 people or less, they can give you focused and personal attention during this reformer-based class!

Each class is a rhythmic, high energy Pilates flow led by amazing instructors. Their beat-driven workout offers an athletic twist to the classical fundamentals. They use music to create a flow of consistent movement and breath to set the pace. Where else can you get the benefits of the reformer in a high energy group setting, paired with quality instruction?

You can get your first two classes for free. Here is the class schedules if you want to try them out!

Click here for the description of many different kinds of classes they have.

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