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Pooles Mill (Ball Ground)

Located at 7725 Pooles Mill Rd, Ball Ground, GA 30107 is Pooles Mill Park. About 20 mins from North Milton.

There is a huge parking lot and then you walk on a paved trail to the covered bridge.

There is a playground here along the path. It is somewhat in the shade.

After the bridge, turn left and you will see the water. We brought round rafts for the boys to use to float in the current.

I will say I was a nervous Nellie that they would hit their heads. The rocks/ground to walk out there was slippery and we saw people fall, so please use your own judgement about doing this. ( I am not responsible for any accdients) Use your own judgement and do what is safe for your family.

There is a little area down on the right that seemed a lot safer. Then there is an area where they have signs up don't go past as not their property.

The boys did like this, but I was a little nervous I will say, about them hitting their heads. If I could have made my kid wear a helmet I would have been happy! lol

Make sure to wear water shoes as the ground is uneven in the water and do watch for water snakes.

This is a place where you kind of do the same area over adn over again, you are not going down the river.

I suggest a round tube with a bottom in it too. They will get muddy too.

We have had many friends come here and do this every yea and the boys loved it.

We always eat at the Burger Bus when we go.

Make sure to check back each Friday and Saturday when I post another Family Fun place around the ATL. Check us out on Facebook or Instagram

For other family fun places around the ATL check out my list from the past 10 years of family fun around Atlanta.

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