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Outdoor Movies

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

During Covid we bought this movie Projector and screen and have definatly gotten our money out of it!

It is easy to use and set up. You will need a little table for the projector, and an extention cord more than likley. We have an outdoor one and it need to have the 3 prongs.

Amazon Fire Stick- You can hook your phone and other devices to this machine. For me it is easier and I just leave it plugged in, is an Amazon Firestick. All our movies we can get from there. We have Diseny Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Movies and our movies we purchased on there.

Projector This is a different one of the one we got as it looks like they no longer make ours.

Popcorn bowls - I was washing to many popcorn bowls, this made life way easier!

To make it exra speical right before school started, I got these adorable tents and blow ups for the kids to lay on while they watched the movie!

To learn more about items in my picture, click here!

**I am an Amazon Affialite, so may ear from your purchases, but it is of no cost to you!**

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