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My Favorite Teacher Items on Amazon

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Pencil Sharpener- This is the best one ever! I have had it for years!

Glow Sticks- if the power ever goes out they each get to wear one. Keeps the little ones distracted and not scared.

Bulletin Board Paper Gives the room a homey feel.

Chair Pockets- Keeps all the kids supplies right there for them

Flower Pens They change colors in the sum and makes your desk so cute.

3 Flower pots- I put the flowers pens in one, penicls in another and scissors in another. Makes the teacher desk super cute!

Painters Tape I use to label things, and comes off easy

Mouse Pad- I mean I dream I am at the beach everyday, so why not look at it!

Cordless Mouse- I hate cords so here is one less.

Stamps To help grade papers

Doorbell- Use to quiet the kids with the remote

Megaphone- We use at recess

Dyson Bladelss Fan- I use by my desk to cool me down as I am alwasy on the move

Small Playdough- I give out the first day so they can play with it to build up their fine motor skills

Birthday Braclets- I give them each one on their birthday

Name Badges- I use for lunch numbers in kindergarten, for when subs come and for field trips

Light Covers- Make it more fun and easier to see. Check with yout fire marhsall to make sure they approve them

Desk Calendar Cube -Let this be a job for a student to change it each day

Fridge/Freezer- Again check with your Fire marshall that you can have them in your classroom.

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*As an Amazon Affiliate I may be compensated for your purchase, but it is of no extra cost to you.
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