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Mr. Beast Burger (Alpharetta)

Anyone else have a child who loves the Youtuber Mr. Beast?

He has a few Mr. Beast Burger locations around the metro Atlanta area.

We went to the one at 2335 Mansell Road, Alpharetta, GA inside Bucco di Beppo. Check here for other locations.

I ordered online and then went to pick it up. They have a sign for where to park for pick up. We went in and asked the lady on the left at takeout for the food, as this is also an italian resteraunt. She then got our food and we left as you can not eat here.

You still go in to get the food, they do not bring it out.

All locations in Atlanta are delivery and some have pick up. It is on Uber Eats. They have a real location in Las Vegas.

The menu is on link above. They have burgers, fries, cookies, can soda, grilled cheese and chicken sandwhiches. The sandwhiches are named after his friends (Chandler, Karl, Chris).

My son loved the Beast Burger. Your box will have a sticker on it that says the name of what sandwhich is in the box.

The fries we got unseasoned because the seasoning said it was spicy, and neither of us like spice.

For 2 burgers, 2 fries, 1 order of cookies and a Pepsi it was about $33.

Check back each Thursday when I post about another amazing place to eat! Here is a list some of my other favorite places to eat

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