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Monster Jam (Atlanta Motor Speedway)

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

All pictures are from a show in 2019 at The Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Monster Jam is coming back to Atlanta April 24-25. You can purchase tickets and learn more about their covid procedures here.

Pre-sale code is RM2XMJ pre-sale ends February 15.

I think the "show" was about 1.5 hours long. We both had never been and had a lot of fun!

This year it will be held at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

My son had a lot of fun at this. You get to submit votes and my son loved doing this! Judges -Monster Jam fans have the unique opportunity to provide the scores for several competitions. Fans are encouraged to use their mobile device and log into Using a three-digit code provided at the show, fans are able to watch the competitions and score by moving the “tire” higher or lower. You have just 20 seconds to submit your score, so act quickly. There are no professional judges

At Monster Jam, YOU are the judge! Throughout the competition, you’ll be asked to be a part of our judging panel to determine the winner. It’s fun and simple!

Take your smartphone or tablet and enter into your browser. Make sure your privacy setting is off.

Next, enter the three-digit code for the show you are watching. Your hosts will provide that code to get you started.

Once you’ve entered the code, you’ll see a screen that allows you to move the BKT tire up or down to register a score. You’ll see the score change as you move the tire up or down. Now, you’re ready.

When the Monster Jam truck has completed its run, whether it’s Two-Wheel Skills, Donuts or Freestyle, listen for the cue to enter your score. You’ll only have 20 seconds to make your decision, so don’t wait to the last second. Simply select your score and hit the “Submit” button. Your score goes to the scoring central location and the average score will be displayed before the next competition. The Monster Jam truck with the highest average score wins the competition.

The cars do great tricks and are fun to see.

From their wesbite:

Each Monster Jam truck is approximately 10.5 feet tall, 12.5 feet wide, 17 feet long and weighs 12,000 pounds. A Monster Jam engine will generate 1,500 horsepower, thanks to a blower that forces air and fuel into the engine. It is powered by methanol fuel, consumed at the rates of three gallons a minute from a specially constructed safety cell. The truck utilizes a four-link racing suspension with four main bars that link the front and rear axles to the frame. It rides on clusters of nitrogen charged shocks that offer 30 inches of travel in the suspension. The BKT tires are 66 inches in diameter and 43 inches wide, inflated to 16-20 psi pressure and (with wheel) weigh 645 pounds each. The driver’s compartment is a steel safety structure, built from tubing and mounted to the truck frame. The truck bodies are custom-built and constructed of fiberglass. Each truck is transported in specially prepared trailers, which can include spare parts and as many as two trucks.

Racing (Timed) – An obstacle course competition where the fastest to complete the course is the winner. It showcases the driver’s ability and the truck’s agility.

Two-Wheel Skills Challenge – Monster Jam drivers will have multiple opportunities to perform the best stunt, bringing at least two wheels into the air. This is a judged competition.

Donuts - Trucks perform in designated flat areas with the objective to rotate the truck as many times and as quickly as possible. This is a judged competition

Racing (Head -to-Head) - Competitors report to a starting line. On a green signal, the trucks head along a prescribed course to a finish line with first to legally complete the course advancing in competition. Winners will advance until two trucks remain with the finals determining the racing champion. Racing may be preceded by qualifying to establish brackets.

Freestyle – Competitors perform tricks and stunts throughout the floor area in a designated time. This is a judged competition.

In pre-covid times, they have a meet and greet about 2 hours before the show and you can get up close to the trucks so the kids can (touch back then) and get autographs of the drivers and pictures with them. I am not sure if they are doing that this year, but if your child loves trucks it is worth the extra price. Our neighbors did it and loved it. They did have an hour of down time in between the meet and greet and the show. Check out information about the Pit Party here .

Many friends had gone before and suggested to get headphones as it is loud. I suggest for at least the little kids to get these. This one is cheaper if you buy two. All the adults in our group wore them too.

I also have asthma and someone told me it gets dusty in there, so I brought my inhaler with me. It was not bad but just enough I needed it, so maybe bring it if your child needs one. Again, we were inside so feel outside you may be fine.

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