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Milton Moms Favorite Gifts to Give

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Don't know what to get that special someone for a gift? Check out my list of my favorite things!

Seven Sisters Scones

My mom told me about this heavenly place that a friend of hers told her about it.

It is located here in Alpharetta, so its a local small business and I always love to support local small businesses.

These scones are delivered fresh usually by Fed Ex and taste amazing! Everyone we give them to loves them!

My mom likes to freeze some to have later and they still taste fresh! They will send directions on that with your order.

My favorite flavor is the maple pumpkin. They have gluten free options too!

You can trace your package when you order if you put in your number to trace it, so you know when it gets delivered. Make sure to put in your cell number when it asks as the first time it will send you a code to make sure it is you ordering.

My father passed away when my son was months old and my brother lived in another state, so my son always felt like his family was with him, I got him a blanket made with all his immediate family on it. I also have purchased two of these for two students who both had their mothers pass from cancer. I wanted them to make sure they could fall asleep with their moms hugging them each night!

These are so comfy. We go the size to fit the beds, so make sure you check the size.

You just go to the website chose which blanket you want, add pictures, I have done one big picture or a collage of pictures. Groupon usually has them on their site or sign up for their emails to get discount codes.


I always left before my son work up, so when he was little he asked Santa for a mommy doll, a doll that looked like me. We found this website that can take pictures or pictures kids draw and turn them life like. He loved it and slept with it every night and loved to wake up each morning and get a hug from the mommy doll. We got one to look like him too!!

Make sure you order early s when we did ours it took like 3 months but that was when they first opened.

Barefeoot Dreams socks

I love fuzzy socks! A friend got me these for a gift and they are my favorite socks! They are so comfy!!

Love Your Melon (picture from their website)

A friend got me one of these hats for Christmas one year and I love them! They are so comfy, stylish and keep you warm! They know have them for holidays, sports teams, Snoopy and more. For each hat purchased they donate proceeds or hats to kids with cancer so you are helping someone every time you buy one! I love when I purchase something I love and it helps others!

Beer Greetings

Don't know what to get the man in your life? Get them beer greetings and fill with beer or other gifts. These are a coll way to give a guy a gift! I have received this a gift as a teacher but it was filled with teacher treats and was so adorable so it doesn't have to be used just for beer! They are created by an Atlanta family!

Valentine's Day

Hand Sanitizers

During Covid I ordered these and have them attached to my keys, bags, purses, backpacks, in the car. They are great as you always have one handy. They would make great stocking stuffers! )You add the hand sanitizer to it!

Portable Cell Charger

If you are like me and on your phone a lot this is a must! I like this one because it tells you what percent you have left to charge or how much juice it has left! It also has two USB to charge at the same time.



What a great gift to give..... the gift of no more vacuuming!!! While I normally would not suggest a house cleaning item as a gift, the gift of less time cleaning has been amazing!!

We got this in April and it has saved me! Since covid began, I have not had our biweekly cleaners come and the one thing we need to do a lot at our house is vacuum. I have bad allergies so can't have dust sitting on the carpet and we have pets. This has saved us! I have it set to go on its own at 9 am each day and all I have to do is check the container to see if it is full and empty it. They do have a self cleaning one, but it was like $500 more. They have an app that you can start and end if with, or push the button on the machine. It will drive back to the stand to charge on its own, you literally have to do nothing but empty the bin! It will show you a map on your app of where it vacuumed, will start again if its a dirty day after it recharges. You can also hook it ot our Alexa and tell it to start the Roomba We have used it on the hay that falls out of our guinea pig food, on our porch with leaves and everyday life and it does a great job! WE have both carpet and hard woods. My son even keeps thing off the floor or else they get sucked up, so I don't have to remind him any more!! This was a great investment and even bought a second one for up stairs! It gets all that hard to reach dust from under my bed! We got one for my mom too and she loves it!!

*As an amazon associate and Seven Sisters Scones Shareasale, I may receive credit for items you purchase from my links, but is of no extra cost to you.

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