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Mercier Orchards Apple Picking( Blue Ridge)

Updated: Sep 3, 2021


Want to feel the magic of being Johnny Appleseed and picking apples in an apple Orchard? Head to Mercier Orchards located in Blue Ridge. It is roughly 1 hour 20 mins from Milton. The drive is very easy and about half way up there are gas stations and fast food places to eat. We always leave early to be there for the first hay ride at 10 am. When you get there go in the store and turn left and you will see the stand to buy the bags for apples.

There are 3 sizes of bag you can purchase to put your apples in. There is a $8 for small 1/2 peck, $16 for the second size bag 1 peck and $20 for the third size 1/2 bushel. This year they do charge a $5 per person fee on top of the bags for the experience. (Prices may have changed to reflect current times)

I do suggest everyone use the bathroom in the store before you pick as there are 2 porta potties out on the fields but could be a walk from where they drop you off. I also suggest sunscreen and bug screen. There are lots of bees so be prepared for them.


This is info from past times when we did U pick

Go out of the store and turn right around the cider our door seating, You will see the Disney type string for the line. You will board a hay ride and take about a 5 min ride out. If it rained the night before I suggest you wear ran boots as it can be muddy. I always call/check ahead on their Facebook page to find out what apples are available and to check they have apples in stock and we go when they have the ones I like available to pick. You can also buy different kinds of apples in the store too. Once you get off the hay ride, they will then explain which trees are for picking and a few rules. Then you can eat as you pick. They do spray a calcium on them, so we always wipe this off and them eat them. If you go early in picking season, it can get hot. The season is roughly late August to end of October depending on the weather from that year. Some seasons end on September 30th some before some after. Check their facebook for dates. U pick is 10-4 on weekends.

We always carry a backpack cooler with cold waters in it for us, but they do sell water out there for $1 and you can buy more bags out there if needed.

After we pick, we always go inside and shop around. They have homemade pies, fried pies, apple doughnuts, apple cider and many more yummy treats. Get the apple doughnuts!! They have a deli style restaurant inside too. We have eaten there, but most of the time we drive to downtown Blue Ridge and eat in one of the places there.

This apple Orchard is more for the serious apple pickers, there are other orchards in the area with petting farms, jumpy etc. My son and friends have been going since he was one and we always have a good time but not any other forms of entertainment for the kids.

They also have blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and peach picking during the year. We have done the strawberry picking there. They also have fun events through the year hear like fishing in their pond. Check their FB page for information on those events.

For those wanting to know if they are organic, this is there response: "We practice something called IPM. Integrated Pest Management." You can learn more about it here.

They now have an obstacle course there too~

You will be able to run, play, and get messy! The course involves 13 obstacles, puzzles, and lots of MUD! Whether you want to compete with other families, or just want to let loose and get messy, this is the course for you.

This is a great team building exercise for families, friends, or any group looking to have some outdoor fun together.

They also have a sunflower patch this year for you to take pictures at.

We love to go into Blue Ridge to eat just a few miles away. Our favorite is Harvest on Main.

Make sure to check back each Friday and Saturday when I post another Family Fun place around the ATL. Check us out on Facebook or Instagram

For our complete list of family fun places, check here

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