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Medicine Bag

I always keep all our main medicines in a packing cube, so when we go on trips I just throw it in the bag!


Thermometer -Touchless

Thermometer- We love this one it records it in an app so you can have a record adn laso great when my hubby was quaretined from us I didnt have to bug him to tell me his temp, everytime he took it it went to the app so I knew! I alwso have it set up for my mom so if she is ever really sick I can keep track of hers.

Throw up bags you will thank me when you use these!

Whatever medicine your child needs. I always keep these for my son. I am not a doctor so please always consult them before giving medicine to your children.

I love these little bottles. I pre-measure out my sons medicine and bring it in these small bottles, no need to bring medicine spoons and then you toss when done. Saves so much room. I just write the name on them. I keep them in my purse so the kids can't get it but I have easy access to it. It is great because my son randomly gets allergic to something I can just grab a dose out quickly and do not have to take the time to measure it out.

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