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Marta and the New Maynard H Jackson International Terminal for Delta

Atlanta is a city that loves to travel!

These are the main site you may need to help you for the Airport and Marta!

Check Marta parking lot status:

Check TSA lines for security at the airport:

Check the status of Atlanta airport parking lots

Marta is a great way to get around town. Spring break and other school breaks are big family travel times, games and big events the trains can get crowded.

To ride Marta, when you get to a station you need to buy a Breeze card that is good for 3 years or a Breeze ticket for $1 each way, for each person riding. They will have machines there for you to use, I think it is charge cards only.

Check here to see if you qualify for a reduced fare. It is $2.50 for a one way no matter where you or, even if you switch trains. You can buy one way, one trip or multiple. You need to scan your card to get in and once at your destination to get out so don't lose your card.

Children 46 inches and under can ride MARTA or the Atlanta Streetcar for free (limit two children per paying adult).

They do have day passes too if you plan to use it alot in one day.

Click here to plan a trip and see which trains you would take to get to your destination.

Here is the train schedule and map. Note they have different hours on holidays and weekends!

Some parking lots are free to park for 24 hours and some charge so please check. Also take a picture where you park your car so you don't forget where you parked. You can use this website to see how full a parking lot is before you leave home.

Check Marta parking lot status:

Some stations have a bathroom, some-you have to go get a key to use, so plan ahead with little ones.

Some stations have elevators and escalators.

Traveling by air?

Check TSA lines for security at the airport:

Have your items ready for TSA in these great bags. I put it around my wrist so I can just throw it in the box when it is my turn. Then I zip it back in my suitcase after security. Its easy for kids to hold too!

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Check the status of Atlanta airport parking lots

To get to Maynard H Jackson International Terminal for Delta International Flights take I 75 to exit 239 and then follow the signs.

If you are dropping someone off, use the hourly parking and park on level 4 and take the walk way over.

Take the elevator or escalator up to level 2. If you are meeting someone take the elevator, stairs or escalator to level 1.

On level U there is a Starbucks and a CNN store.

On level 1 is were you can walk over the walkway to your cars.

On level 2 Is Delta check in, security, wheel chairs and one store where you can grab a sandwich or drink before going into security. This would be the only place in this part of the airport you could eat with someone if you are not going through security.

You can pay for your parking with a charge card when you leave the walkway to make it quicker at the exit. They usually do have a cash lane open if you would rather pay cash when you drive out.

Pictures of inside the new international airport in Atlanta, before security. We sometimes meet my brother here when he is passing through Atlanta and meet here to grab a snack. You can also plug in and charge items here.

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