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Macy's Pink Pig

Macy's Pink Pig is an Atlanta tradition that started at Rich's Department store in downtown Atlanta. It's something every Atlanta child should do as its a Atlanta tradition. From the Macy's website" The Macy’s Pink Pig has been a beloved Atlanta tradition for more than 50 years. From its debut in the ‘50s as a children’s ride at the downtown Rich’s store, to its brief stint at the Egleston Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees, five generations of Atlantans have ridden the Macy’s Pink Pig into the holiday season."

Did you know Priscilla, the original Pink Pig, began as a monorail along the ceiling of Rich’s, giving children the experience of “flying over” the toy department? Later, another pig, Percival, was added and they became known as the Pink Pig Monorail Twins. Years later, the monorail was relocated to the roof of the department store and the “monorail twins” took passengers on rooftop rides that provided views of downtown Atlanta and circled the Great Tree.

I have always heard about this, and as a teacher who teaches near here, had parents check kids out of school early to avoid lines so always wanted to go but we just never made it to Lenox Square to ride it.

It is located in a tent on the top of the parking deck near Macy's. We were lucky and parked right near it. Walk towards the tent and you walk right in the mall there to get tickets. There are bathrooms right there too.

You then go to the tent and see a character dressed as Priscilla the Pink Pig and they take/sell professional pics and will tell you you cant use your cell phone.

You then wait in line. We happened to go at a good time and waited only one ride

Speaking of ride. When you buy tickets you can get one ride$3, two rides $5.50 or three $7.5 but note one ride is two laps. We didn’t know that so we bought two rides which was 4 laps. You just stay on and get the next ride.

When it was out turn (I am plus size) it was tight for my 8 yr old and me so they were nice and let is have two rows. We went around twice. Then they let people on/off and we went again for our second ride. When you get off, you get a sticker “I rode the Pink Pig” and the year, look at your professional pics and decide to purchase. They were roughly $20 and you can buy souvenirs.

I think those who love the ride are ones who did it as a child and love the tradition with the family. I am glad we did it so we can now feel like a true Atlanta resident, but my son and I both felt we can check it off our list now. But I do have a friend who grew up, up North, and she and her family love to ride it each year and she makes it their tradition( You know who you are Whoop Whoop!)

Do you ride the Pink Pig every year?

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