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Leita Thompson Memorial Park

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

1200 Woodstock Road, Roswell, GA 30075

Hike #1

Bathrooms: Porta Potties at the beginning and by the lake

Water Fountain: By the parking lot and has a dog one.

Pet Friendly: Yes, dogs mush be on leashes and they do have doggie bags, but few trash cans. I saw people talk about a fenced in, leashed off dog park here, but we didn't see it.

Parking: We parked in the main area and there were maybe 30 spots and free

Trail: This one had inclines, but a smooth trail

Weather: It is all shady.

Interesting things here: You can fish by the lake and they have one of those leave a book take a book stands

Kid Friendly: Yes

Playground: No Playground that we saw

Distance: Red 2.5 miles, Blue 2.0 miles, Yellow 1.1 miles.

Hours: 6:30 am -8:00 PM

Signage: Yes, they even have signage for trees and nature items

Cautions: I read about a few years ago someone or their dog attacked by a coyote and did see signage warning about coyotes.

For our first hike we went to Leita Thomspon Memorial Park. I had driven by it before but never knew how cool it was. It was a well maintained wooded trail paradise.

If you do the whole trail it is a little over 2 miles. But you could walk to a mileage marker and make ex .50 mile and back and make it a 1 mile walk.

You can also circle the lake so you could do that a few times to add distance. It was all shady so seems great for summer months too.

The lake has 2 porta potties, an emergency phone( broken when we went), trash can and 2 swings to sit on.

Right near here is picnic tables and a building you can rent out.

It was very dog friendly, but read and saw all on leashes. They had dog bags around the walk, but I encourage you to always bring your own and trash cans were really a the beginning of the trail and by the lake.

They do have benches along the trail, but out of shape me did find times I wish they had one and they didn't lol.

They have a blue, red, and yellow trail. It seems very easy to follow the signs, but we also used our All Trails app to make sure we stayed on track. They do a great job with signs saying how far you walked or maps with you are here on them.

You are to start on the left if you want signage to go as you walk. We started on the right and worked our way backwards.

It does have some incline no matter which way you went. I am pretty out of shape and will say my legs burned, but I still did it.

We enjoyed this park and will return.

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