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Just Love SUP Paddle + Yoga(Stand Up Paddle Boarding lessons)

Updated: May 14, 2021

We had a SUPer fun time this weekend, so much, I almost didn't want to share with all of you because I don't want her to book up that we couldn't do it more often.

A friend of mine lives next door to this local mom, so I have known about her classes for a while but just never had time to go. I thought it would be perfect for a social distance hang out.

We went with my sons 2 friends and their moms. Out of the 3 moms and 3 boys none of us had ever done Stand Up Paddle Boarding aka SUP.

I went into it thinking we won't do much but left with almost everyone doing head stands, well at least attempting to!

Tara, a local mom of 5 teaches the class. She starts with a stretching lesson and safety tips. We then go to the boards which she rents out for $15 a person or you can bring your own.

She was great walking us through how to get on, what to do if you fall off and was great helping me on. I have a bad back and on the heavier side and she made me feel so graceful getting on.

We all felt so comfortable with her and that we could do anything!

The total class is 1 hour and 30 mins. She tailors the class to her guests.

We loved it so much friends went the next weekend.

We went out on the water and the moms even did some yoga and the boys got to get in the water to play a little.

She has life jackets for everyone and really all you need is a water bottle that you can take with you on the water. I brought the disposable ones.

FYI, You take off your shoes for the board.

She even did an amazing job taking pictures for us through the whole lesson.

We truly had so much fun and Tara did a great job engaging different ages and abilities. She was fun to be around and you can feel her love and passion for the water and SUP.

We all can't wait to do it again!

PS after the lesson, War Hill Park is near by so we had a picnic lunch there.

This will be the best $35 you spent!

Click here to book with her!

Read more about Tara here.

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For other family fun places around the ATL check out my list here!

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