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Items to prepare for bad weather

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

I am a planner, so I am always prepared. Yes, my friends laugh at me till they need to borrow something! :)

These are my musts for hurricane, snow or any weather that makes the power go out.

Cell Phone Charger - I would make sure each person has one. It has two plugs so you can charge 2 devices at once, but you may need it for a few days. You can charge the charge in your car if you have a usb plug. I like this one as it tells you how much left to charge or how much charge is left.

Battery Pack- Last time Georgia lost power my husband was so upset he could not make coffee so we got this so he can plug the coffee pot into it. It has a real outlet in the back.

Lantern Lights. These are great as you can plug them in ahead to charge or use batteries. I like because you can set on a table and makes the room light up.

Hat with built in flashlight with a few different levels or brightness. I have one in my car, one at home and one for school. It makes it so easy to do life without having to carry a flashlight around. A friend got this to sue to walk her dog at night too.

Glow Sticks- When the power goes out at my school my students love it as they get glow sticks. its a great way to distract them and have fun!

Neck Fan This is amazing We have one for each family member. You charge with a usb cord.

Phone that does nto need to be plugged in in case there is no power for days

Click here for my first aid kit

Click here for my medicine bag list.

Below are more Amazing Amazon lists I have made, click on each link for the list.

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*As an Amazon Affiliate I may be compensated for your purchase, but it is of no extra cost to you.
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