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( I am still working on this but sharing to give people ideas until I complete this

This is written as if you fly into Rome travel south then north and fly out of Milan.

Some European things are different then American so here are some tips:

*Many times when a bread basket is placed on a table if you eat it you get charged

*They are big on recycling, you can bring cans back to get money to the store

*Water Closest/Toilette/bathroom, many charge you to use it, so keep those coins

*You don't tip in Europe for waters but we always would round up our meal

*They have many rules Example we were in Germany it was hot and I was about to pass out as I waited for my family, so I sat down outside a big fancy department store. The cop came up yelling at me in Italian. They assume all that do that are homeless and do not want that. He figured out I did not know and let me just get up and leave.

*See if their are local holidays when you travel. We ended up in a small town in Germany on Mary's birthday and they had a huge celebration for her. It was so neat to see but many places were closed that day

*Europe uses 24 hour time like we do for Military'

*They write dates day, Month year

*In Customs you can not have your cell phone out at all

*You have to declare what you bought so makes sure you keep track of what you buy.

Travel Tips:

*Make sure your passport has at least 6 months til it expires as some countries wont accept you. Bring that extra Passport photo with you so you do not have to hunt for a place to get a picture taken.

*Have the local number for the US embassy

*See if you can get a calling plan added to your cell phone while you are there. You can always find free wifi too.

*Do not bring fresh food into the country, always sealed food.

*Make copies of everything including passports and make sure family has copies and that they know where you are staying.

*Bring medicines as European ones are different and you measure different

*If you have food allergies have it written in that language so you can show waiters. You can also use a translator on your cellphone

*Many restaurants have menus in English and you can ask for them

*With gas or without is asked a lot in Europe about your water. Meaning do you want carbonated or regular water

*No free refills

*Beer and wine can be drunk at age 16 in most European places

* I always suggest travel insurance when traveling abroad

*Contact credit cards you will use them abroad

*Pack a converter for electrical plugs




Vatican City/Sistine Chapel/St. Peters Square

Trevi Fountain

Spanish Steps (great shops leading up to it)


Roman Forum

Mouth of Truth

Places to eat:

Ristorante Vladimio

Movies to get you in the mood:

3 coins in a Fountain

When in Rome

Eat. Pray, Love

Lizzie McGuire

Euoprean Vacation

When in Rome

Roman Holiday

Only You


*Park of Pompei


Eat pizza here

Take a boat to Capri( water can be choppy)

On Capri take a boat ride into the blue grotto

take the Funicula


Positano/Amalfi Coast

Anagni-1 hours south of Rome

Home of the 4 Popes

stayed at Citta Dei Papi

Had great meal at Ristorante Piccolo Mondo

many rich soccer players come on Sundays in fancy cars to church

we also went to town next to it called pilio



world Famous Cannoli at Laboratori Pasteria Roberto


*Uffizi Art Gallery

The David

Ponte Veccio

Palazo Vecchio

Piazza della Signoria


*Leaning Tower of Pisa



*It can flood here a lot so be prepared


St. Marks Square (lots of pigeons)

St. Marks Bascillica

Taxis are boats

Rialto Bridge

Gondola Ride/Grand Canal

Bridge of Sigh'

Doge's Palace

Murano Glass Factory

Places to Eat"


Trattoria alla Rivetta

Verona Home of Romeo and Juliet's Balcony

Watch the movie letter to Juliet

Sterzing- Cute alp town


Lake Como or Lake Lugano

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