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Interstate 75 Places to Stop ( Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio)

Updated: Sep 19, 2021


*The bridge into Cincinnati is having repairs at this time so add time for traffic

*Rest area is about 15 miles into Ohio


186 Gas/food

182 Hotels

77 Berea Art Center open 9-6 Bathrooms/Cafe/crafts to buy

62 Hospital/gas/food

41 Gas/Food

29 KFC Museum and a Walmart

This is what most of teh drive in KY and TN looks like


From Knoxville to Berea, KY there are few places to stop so make sure you have a full tank of gas, fed and done bathrooms.

141 Food/gas

134 Hospital

130 Town of Rocky Top so have your song ready "Rocky Top Tennessee"

52 Mayfield Ice Cream Visitor Center and tours

25 Hospital

2 Get off here for Chatanooga (see our favorite places)


310 Buc-cee's coming soon!

290 Hospital

212 Food/gas

205 Food/gas


187 Hospital Food/gas

186 Whistle Stop Cafe from the movie Fried Green Tomatos (about 10 mins off highway)

181 Gas

180 South Rest Area

179 Rest Area

173 Gas

172 Food/gas

171 Food/gas

169 Food Gas Macon area

167 Food/gas Macon area

Click here for info on I-16

144 Buc-Cee's

142 Lane Orchards (Playground covered picnic fried pies peaches great ice cream)

137 Walmart

136 fast food/Swanson House

117 Rest Area

92 Plantation House Shell gas

76 Rest Area

64 Tifton hospital

62 Food/gas

55 Rutland Farm and magnolia plantation has shell gas

49 Rest area

18 Hotels

5 McDonalds


470 Florida visitor center 8-5 (They usaulyl give out free orange juice and you can buy a Sunpass here) bathrooms always open

413 Rest Area

382 Rest Area

374 Mincanopy cute town to shop in/Paynes Praire Preserve State Park (you may see see wild horses, bison and more)

346 Rest Area

307 Rest Area

278 Rest Area

238 Rest Area

164 Peace River Seafood Closed Sundays and Mondays 11-7 other days

141 Manatee Park ( 5 mins off highway)

131 Rest Area Fort Meyers

131 Six Mile Cypress $1 to park ( bathrooms/picnic tables and 1.2 mile boardwalk through a swamp area)

63 Rest Area

34 Rest Area

*Please double check to make sure places are open as places changes and sometimes exits change for construction.

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