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Ifly (Atlanta-near the Braves Stadium)

Want to have a high flying good time? Check out IFLY at 2778 Cobb Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA 30339.

My son has gone here to a few birthday parties and loves it.

Book your session online ahead of time. You need to be 40 inches or taller and 3 years or older.

They will weight you if you are flying when you enter. No one can see your weight except the guy at the cash register so do not worry.

When you arrive they will give you the option for $40 more to have the red helmet that covers the whole face with 2 free videos and free pictures. We do this as my son does not like the wind on his face. If you shoose not to, you still get a blue helmet and googles.

They then call them over to get fitted for a jumper. They are also given ear plugs. They can put it on in the training room over their clothes and they watch a video about safety.

They teach them a few hand singles as they can not talk while in the wind tunnel. Have your child also look at the tv screen with the man taking pictures, They can tell them to look up, staighten legs etc. When they are flying, this screen will falsh colors to let you know your time is almost over.

You then go sit in the area near there and they take each person, one at a time in the wind tunnel. You are in there about a minute.

They then go down the line and you do it again, (or more times if you paid for more)

After you fly, get a certificate and you can purchase tickets for cheaper for your next trip.

Costco will sometimes sell gift cards to here for $100 you pay $80. You can use them on the website to book a flight.

They ask that all jewelry be taken off before hand. One girl just got her ears piereced, they let her keep hers on but said they were not responsible if it came out. For her it did not.

They have lockers you can store your items in during your flight.

You can not do this if you have ha a discloated shoudler.

They have times where they allow for person with disablities.

You need to wear tied shoes so they dont fly off.

There is a 300 lb weight limit to fly

There is no food sold here but they do have a few vending machines.

This is a great place for a birthday party, my sons has been to 3 here. You can bring food in for those.

This is the top and the bottom of the wind tunnel.

Make sure to check back each Friday and Saturday when I post another Family Fun place around the ATL. Check us out on Facebook or Instagram

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