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Do you ever feel tired or dehydrated and want a boost?

Then check Hydralive!

They have memberships or you can go in for just one visit.

When you arrive they will help you choose which IV will be good for you. Are you dehydrated? Hung over? In pain? They will walk you through which is right for you.

You are then seated in a comfy chair with a nice blanket. They take your pulse, blood pressure and ask about any allergies you may have.

You are then hooked up to an IV and and can enjoy their big tv's while you relax or just take a nap. It can range from 35 mins to roughly an hour.

They have a private room for two or if you would prefer they even have private parties that can come to your house. A group of husbands we know did it at one of their houses before a big golf game.

They also have cryotherapy, which uses extreme cold to help your body, if you want to add that on or do it by yourself.

Nurse Judy did an amazing job taking care of us!

You can book online or give them a call.

Be sure to check them out at 12635 Crabbapple Road, Milton, GA 30004.

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