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How to get a Passport

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Need to get a passport? We got ours at the Forsyth County Probate Court. 100 W Courthouse Square, Cumming, GA Suite 0088.

Parents can renew expired ones online, but all children have to renew in person.

Please note, you do go through a metal detector to get into Forsyth County Probate Court.

We had a Dec 28,2019 appointment. I had everything ready and took less than 5 mins. We got ours back January 7,2020, but this was pre-covid I think they are running about 10-12 weeks as of now. .

Call 770-781-2140 to make an appointment. Normally, they are Monday through Friday 8:30-3:20. They will tell you what you need and what to do during this covid time,

We renewed our sons and he needed the online form passport pictures (we used Costco), birth certificate, we did a waiver since my husband could not come with us due to work.

We had the waiver form, copy of his dads ID and had it notarized, a check for the passport and one to pay the probate court fee for processing it ($20). I made copies of his birth certificate and my ID to save $2. They were very nice and got you in and out. Highly recommend them.

Both parents need to go and so does the child. If one parent can not go they have a waiver that can be filled out before hand. You get the birth certificate back a week later than the passport in the mail.

They do not need your old passport, but I had brought it encase.

This is the site I used to get forms and all the information I needed.

Need it faster?

You can get pictures taken at most CVS and Walgreens. If your Costco still has a photo center they do it the cheapest but they are weaning those out over the next year.

Requirements for passport photo.

To renew an adult passport click here:

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