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Hike #9 Birmingham Park (Milton)

Hike #9

Address: 15949-16299 Old Bullpen Rd, Milton, GA 30004 (some GPS put in 750 Hickory Float Road, Milton, GA 30004)

Bathrooms: None that we saw

Water Fountain: no

Pet Friendly: Yes, you may see some deer or people on horses here too

Parking: Small parking lot

Trail/Distance: depends which trail you take.

Pick a color and follow that trail.

Weather: Mostly shaded

Interesting things here: There is a stream here

Kid Friendly: Yes

Playground: No

Hours: Did not see posted times

Signage: some

See how the tree has the red dot this is for the red trail

Restaurants nearby: 7 Acre, Subway, Scottsdale Farms

They do have a few benches along the trail.

Check back every Wednesday for a new place to hike. Click here to see our other hikes we have done.

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