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Hammock Beach (Palm Coast Florida)

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Hammock Beach is located roughly 7 hours from Milton. It is about 1 hour south of Jacksonville. It’s an easy drive from Atlanta. It is located on the beach and has it all: golf, tennis, miniature golf, indoor pool, and movies on the lawn, fire pits, hammocks and much more. There is one toll you go through right before the resort, I think it was $2.

We have been to Hammock many times. It started as a mom’s trip with 15 moms and 32 kids. They have 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom suites.

The one bedroom comes with a small fridge, microwave, and stove top. The one bedroom all have the same décor.

The two and three bedrooms have full kitchens and laundry and I believe are owned individually as some are nicer than others. Most two bedrooms are located outside the main buildings in the main drive in. We like to stay in the main building as it is close to everything. Most rooms have balconies which are nice.

Most two bedrooms are located outside the main buildings in the main drive in. They have valet parking, I believe $25 a day. I choose to unload my luggage and groceries and have them sent to the room (make sure to tip!) and then I park my car for free.

When you first arrive you will give your name at the gate house. You then drive up to the main building to check in. There are 3 desks to check in at. You are then given your room key. If you are sharing a place with another family you can each have your charge cards attached to your room key so it makes it easy to charge everything to your card and not figure the bill out at the end. Make sure to get the activity guide for fun things happening during your stay.

We would let him get a new raft each year at Publix.

There is a Publix at 5415 N Ocean Shore Blvd, Palm Coast, FL 32137. It is roughly .6 miles from Hammock. You can grab groceries here and they have a few pool and beach supplies here to. We always had breakfast in our room, ate lunch at the pool and then went somewhere for dinner. So its nice to have a Publix close for breakfast foods, wine, and snacks

We started each morning at the beach as they tide will come in by late afternoon. They have towels by the beach for you and you just give them a towel card to get them and they will give you the card back when you return the towel. They do now have a fee if you do not turn the cards in at the end. They will put chairs and umbrellas out for you for free. Just tell them where. Be sure to tip them!

They do not have drink or food service out here. Once in a blue moon we could find it. Sometimes we would bring a picnic lunch with us and eat at the beach. We have seen some cool aquatic life while here. You can hire surfers on the beach to teach surf lessons. We always saw a surf stand or the front desk can help you arrange it.

We then spent our afternoons at the pool. I will say it was tiring carrying beach stuff to room before the pool so we carried it with us to the pool. If we did not have a picnic lunch, then we would go to the beach type pool and eat there.

They have 91,000 sq ft water pavilion. They have an indoor pool, the water slide pool, an adult pool, a lazy river they have tubes for, a pool that has a little sand near it and a chest of toys for kids to play in (our favorite) and another pool.

They have wait staff come around for food and drink orders, you just give them your room key and they do have a few private cabanas available to rent with nice seating, a TV and a fridge and wait service to check on you first. They have a fun water slide you get on near the adult pool and you must be 48 inches to ride it. (I have seen children smaller than this ride it, so not sure how strict they are.)

They have kid activities near the pool with arts and crafts and a snow cone machine. These activities usually charge a fee and can be charged to your room key. They move them into the indoor pool area for bad weather.

There is also miniature golf, I believe $5 a person and you can arrange to rent bikes, golf, or play tennis.

They do have a kids club for children 4-14 available, but they encourage you to make a reservation.

We love to take great pictures at sunset on the beach each year.

They do have a sushi place on property but there are only 4 or seats in there so it is more for takeout. They have a great Italian Restaurant that is fancy inside, but fine for the kids if you sit outside. They had great kid meals for $10.

One of our traditions was on the last night was to go to JT Seafood Shack, 5224 N Oceanshore BlVd, Palm Coast, Florida 32137. They do not take reservations. It looks like a shack, but the food it good and many times they have bands out back. It is about 1 mile away in the direction of Publix. They always did a great job accommodating our large groups.

There is another great place to eat called Captain’s BBQ 5862 N Oceachshore Blvd, Palm Coast, Florida 32137. It is maybe a 5 min drivee from Hammock Beach. It is very reasonably priced and good food. They have a park there so the kids can play and they have a water front. We went and walked around and saw manatees!! Located about a 5 min drive from Hammock Beach and before Marineland is Captains BBQ. It is a very relaxed place that is fun to eat at. You walk in and place your order, find a place to sit, I suggest by the bar window, then get your food when it is ready. They had some great BBQ chicken and my son got an amazing grilled cheese. When we were done eating we walked by the boats and saw Manatees. It is all connected to a park with a fun playground for the kids and a covered picnics are too. We played over there for a while too. 5862 N Ocean Shore Blvd, Palm Coast, Florida 32137

There is an area called European Village that is across the toll bridge. They have some cute restaurants and shops to look at. They also host little parties for holidays so you may want to see if one is going on while you are there. The night we went only Mezzaluna Pizza was open, but it was great pizza!

Other fun places in the area:

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